Strulch Mulch

£8.50 per bag or 3 bags £24 collected

  • Strulch is a light & easy to use garden mulch made from wheat straw for organic gardening.
  • A patented process is used to preserve the straw so that it lasts for up to two years & gives an earthy brown colour.
  • Strulch has a neutral pH & can be used throughout the garden on borders, raised beds, around cultivated fruit & on vegetable plots.
  • Spend less time weeding. Strulch mulch reduces weed growth by up to 95%.
  • Save water. Strulch mulch helps retain moisture around plants.
  • Improve your soil. Strulch mulch enriches soil & it's structure.
  • Slug & Snail deterrent included in the mulch. The physical properties of Strulch mulch together with embedded minerals deters slugs & snails.
  • British. Strulch mulch is manufactured in Britain from quality British farmed wheat straw.